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Dacorum wins the Waltham Forest Team Trophy 2012

25th November 2012

Dacorum Diving Club fielded a team of 19 divers in this year's Waltham Forest Diving Open Championships, and came away with 9 Golds, 5 Silvers, 1 bronze medal and all divers achieved personal bests.

This competition was for many, their first ever competition outside of the club, and every diver earned points towards the Team Trophy and they won with a total of 180 points.




1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st


2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd


8 years Boys Novice 10 years Girls Novice 10 years Boys Novice




Harvey Potton
Boys Age 8 Novice Champion

Jasmine Rowlatt
Girls Age 10 Novice Champion
Erin Quirk
Silver Medallist

Louie East
Boys Age 10 Novice Champion


11 years Girls Novice 12 years Girls Novice 12 years Boys Novice



Millie Bobrowski
Girls Age 11 Novice Champion
Courtney Peaty
5th Place
Jessica Hunt
10th Place
Leah Bell
Girls Age 12 Novice Champion
Vehaan Bhandari
Boys Age 12 Novice Champion


11 years Non-Novice Girls 11 years Non-Novice Boys 12 years Non-Novice Boys



Briar Snelling
Girls Age 11 Non-Novice Champion
Samuel Rudd
Bronze Medallist
Lewis Irons
Silver Medallist


13/14 years Novice Girls 15/16 years Novice Girls 15/16 years Novice Boys




Bethan McLaren
Silver Medallist
Saskia Leigh
Girls Age 15/16 years Novice Champion
Sophia Lunt
Silver Medallist
Sonny Rowlatt
Boys Age 15/16 years Novice Champion
Ethan Wall
Silver Medallist

Scores and Results:

8 years Boys

Novice Harvey Potton Gold 83.55

9 years Boys


9 years Girls

Novice Mason Bennett 8th 54.25   Novice Katie Parsons 8th 58.05

10 years Boys


10 years Girls

Novice Louie East Gold 77.00   Novice Jasmine Rowlatt Gold 74.70
          Novice Erin Quirk Silver 65.80

11 years Boys


11 years Girls

Non-Novice Samuel Rudd Bronze 117.50   Novice Millie Bobrowski Gold 75.25
          Novice Courtney Peaty 5th 68.95
          Novice Jessica Hunt 10th 55.65
          Non-Novice Briar Snelling Gold 126.05

12 years Boys


12 years Girls

Novice Vehaan Bhandari Gold 69.70   Novice Leah Bell Gold 87.45
Non-Novice Lewis Irons Silver 117.90          

15/16 years Boys


15/16 years Girls

Novice Sonny Rowlatt Gold 118.80   Novice Saskia Leigh Gold 96.90
Novice Ethan Wall Silver 63.85   Novice Sophia Lunt Silver 84.50



Some of Team Dacorum celebrating at the end of the competition with the Trophy.


Well done to all our divers, an amazing result all round!!


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