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Herts ASA County 1m and 1m Synchro Championships

15th July 2012 - Stevenage

Held at Stevenage Swimming Pool to utilise the 1m synchro boards, the only pair of 1m synchro boards in the County.
Dacorum Diving Club took a team of divers, who for many was their first experience at competing in a 1m only diving competition at Age Group level.

Held in the Junior/ Senior format, where any diver of the required level up to the age of 19 can compete in the Junior event, and 19 years and above can compete in the Senior event. This gives the younger less experienced divers the opportunity to compete against divers with higher difficulty dive lists.

The Junior Synchro events are open to divers of the required level between the ages of 8-12, and the Senior event for divers aged 13+ years old.

trophy trophy


1st 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 3rd

Dacorum divers came away with two Championship Trophies, four Silver medals and two Bronze medals.

Ben Page - Junior Boys Individual Champion 2012

Millie Land and Francesca Wall - Junior Girls Synchro Champions 2012

Ben Page - Senior Men Silver medallist

Louise Popkin and Molly Welton - Senior Ladies Synchro Silver medallists

Matthew Riley and Harrison Mills - Junior Boys Synchro Silver medallists

Ben Page and Adam Hardacre - Senior Men Synchro Silver medallists

David Wall and Jonathan Prazer - Senior Men Synchro Bronze medallists

Francesca Wall - Junior Girls Bronze medallist


Junior Boys 1m


Senior Men 1m

Gold Ben Page 173.00   Silver Ben Page 211.50
4th David Wall 134.60   4th Adam Hardacre 184.00
5th Gil Segev 131.70   6th David Wall 155.60
6th Matthew Riley 126.90        
8th Harrison Mills 115.20        
9th Nathan Rowlatt 111.70        


Junior Girls 1m


Senior Women 1m

Bronze Francesca Wall 151.20   4th Francesca Wall 173.30
4th Molly Welton 149.05   5th Molly Welton 171.15
6th Briar Snelling 116.95   7th Louise Popkin 130.50
7th Amy Silk 106.20        
8th Stella Dixon 104.50        
11th Millie Land 101.25        

Junior Girls Synchro 8-12 Years


Junior Boys Synchro 8-12 Years

Gold Millie Land and Francesca Wall 73.68   Silver Matthew Riley and Harrison Mills 53.43

Senior Women Synchro 13+ Years


Senior Men Synchro 13+ Years

Silver  Louise Popkin and Molly Welton 120.84   Silver Ben Page and Adam Hardacre 132.72
4th Ella-Mae Rayner and Jessica George 112.56   Bronze David Wall and Jonathan Prazer 127.23
6th Amy Silk and Stella Dixon 91.59   4th Gil Segev and Nathan Rowlatt 115.50


A great result for the club, well done to all our divers!!

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