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County Novice Championships

11 March - Stevenage

The Herts ASA Novice competition is for many Dacorum divers, their first ever diving competition and consists of six of the required twelve skills dives for Regional and National Skills. This competition is an opportunity for novice divers, some of whom don't yet have all twelve dives, to compete in a County competition.

Dacorum divers won a total of 13 medals, at least one medal in every age category we had divers entered in, an amazing achievement for our Novice divers.

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Mia Gardam - Girls Group E Silver medallist
Freddie Land - Boys Group E Gold Medallist

Briar Snelling - Girls Group D Champion
Millie Land - Girls Group D Silver medallist
Jasmine Rowlatt - Girls Group D Bronze medallist

Matthew Riley - Boys Group D Champion
Harrison Mills - Boys Group D Silver medallist

Danielle Plumb - Girls Group C Champion
Bethan McLaren - Girls Group C Bronze Medallist

Sarah Hardcastle - Girls Group B+ Champion
Stella Dixon - Girls Group B+ Silver medallist

David Wall - Boys Group B+ Champion
Sonny Rowlatt - Boys Group B+ Silver medallist



Girls Group E


Boys Group E

Silver Mia Gardam 86.10 Gold Freddie Land 106.4

Girls Group D


Boys Group D

Gold Briar Snelling 161.90 Gold Matthew Riley 143.15
Silver Millie Land 138.35 Silver Harrison Mills 132.85
Bronze Jasmine Rowlatt 116.70 4th = Louie East 110.05
5th Millie Bobrowski 95.50 4th = Samuel Rudd 110.05

Girls Group C

Gold Danielle Plumb 157.75

Girls Group B+

Boys Group B+

Gold Sarah Hardcastle 147.30 Gold David Wall 146.25
Silver Stella Dixon 135.25 Silver Sonny Rowlatt 144.80

Girls Group D medallists


A very well done to all the Dacorum divers!!



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